Since its inception, SMK GAJAH BERANG has strived hard to achieve its goal to educate students and spread the knowledge of man to all.  With humble beginnings, the school has come to be one of the best in the state with its various achievements in both its academic and sports division. Despite being one of the oldest school in Malacca, SMK GAJAH BERANG has marched steadfastly on bringing together students of all colour and creed. Having withstood the test of time, the school is still magnificent in all its grandeur and splendour as it continues to educate more young Gajah Berang.

With the birth of this website, the school has once again proven its mettle in keeping up with times in this age of information technology. The aim of this website to allow people from the world over to obtain information and other particulars of the school. The Principal, Pn. Umaizahrah Binti Alwi and the teacher advisers, in addition to gajah berangs themselves, have all helped in one way or another in making this website a success.

School Overview

SMK Gajah Berang has strived hard to achieve its goal to educate students, the school’s slogan being “Labor Omnia Vincit“, meaning hard work conquers all. Since its inception in 1956 the school has come to be one of the best in Melaka with its many achievements in both academics and sports. SMK Gajah Berang had started off with only 6 classrooms and has since expanded its boundaries until its current state, with forty-seven classes, eight Science laboratories, two Computer Laboratories and three Life Skills workshops.

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Latest Announcement

Good luck to all SPM and STPM candidates!!!


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