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The first principal of our school was Mr. Tan Gim Ann who served our school since its inception until 1958 with the help of the 5 founders, Mr. M.C. Oomen, Mr. Tan Teng Chee, Mr. A.M. Narayanan and Mr. Yoong Cheong Pin. During the first few years, the principal and teachers faced many challenges such as lack of classrooms, lack of a sports field, and the students had to be content with playing only table tennis and chess.

SMK Gajah Berang was originally named Gajah Berang Secondary Modern School which was later changed to Gajah Berang Secondary English School (GBSES).  It is located approximately 1.5 kilometres from the Melaka City. The name of the school was originated from the road on which it is located. The area of the school is about 7.5 acres. SMK Gajah Berang was built by the British during 1956 and was opened on the 9th of January, 1956. In the early stages, the school only consisted of only one building with 6 classrooms. Currently that building still stands and is used as our school library.
1957 SMK Gajah Berang strived hard to place an identity for itself by creating its own school crest and motto, “Labor Omnia Vincit”, meaning “Hard Work Conquers All”
1958 On July 1958, SMK Gajah Berang’s Board of Governors was created. The first chairman was parliament member Datuk Tambychik Krim.
1959 Mr. Tan Boon Lin succeeded Mr. Tan Gim Ann as the principal of the school. 1959 was a historic year for SMK Gajah Berang because it was officiated by Tun Tan Cheng Lock on the 16th of May.
1960 Allahyarman Tun Abdul Malik Yusof officially visited our school. Letters of appreciation were given the the school and its students. The first Speech Day was held on the 21st of November 1960. Many students received gifts from YAB Mr. Abdul Ghafar Baba, the Chief Minister of Melaka.
1962 Mr. Khoo Eng Hock succeeded Mr. Tan Boon Lin as the principal. He improved the performance of the school. The names of the four school houses were changed to Ee Yew Lin, Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Gim Ann, Hang Tuah and Leong Yew Koh. A tennis court and basketball court were built in the school.
1963 The fourth principal of our school, Mr. Kok Swee Hong strived to raise the academic performance of the school and worked hard to add more buildings to accommodate the increasing number of students.
1971 Form 6 classes were added to SMK Gajah Berang. Science stream students leaving form 5 were accepted to join form 6. RM40,000 was allocated to upgrade the science laboratories, increase the number of text books and form 6 reference books in the library.
1975 Life Skills workshops, Science laboratories and classrooms for form 1 were built behind the school near the field. On the 25th of July, Mr. Tai Yen Chuah retired and was succeeded by Mr. Seow Kim Swee.
1979 Form 6 students achieved the highest grade in Malaysia in the HSC examinations with 71.4%
1980 Mr. Goh Kwee Meng succeeded Mr. Seow Kim Swee who moved to Masjid Tanah. The school was upgraded to grade “A” because the number of students exceeded 1200 students.
1981 The principal from SMK Masjid Tanah, Mr. A. Kalimuthu became the 7th principal of the school. Students were encouraged to participate in extra-curricular sports and games.
1982 The official school neck tie was introduced to SMK Gajah Berang. Its was a step towards building a better school identity and fostering a love of the school.
1985 The students of SMK Gajah Berang held a fundraising event to build an additional corridor to connect all the school buildings.
1986 “Breakfast Scheme for the Needy” was introduced to provide food and beverages for the poor students. This scheme was funded by the school.
1989 The school started accepting female students for the remove, form 1 and form 4 classes. This was a big event in the history of SMK Gajah Berang.
1992 The Malacca Ministry of Education nominated SMK Gajah Berang as an excellent school.
1993 A garden, fish pond, fountain and a teacher’s parking lot was added to the school. The students of SMK Gajah Berang
1994 Mr. Cheng Sheng Hua became the principal of the school.
1997 Haji Yaamah bin Mohd. Dri became our school’s principal. He built some new buildings to cater the problems of lack of classrooms.
2001 Mr. Abu Hassan bin Ja’alam succeeded Haji Yaamah as principal of the school.
2008 Madam Umaizahrah bte Alwi succeeded Mr.Abu Hassan as the 14th principal.


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